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"The Lord says..." "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering. And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. Exodus 25:2,8 KJV And all the congregation of the children of Israel…
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Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool The Discovery Tool includes a Spiritual Gift Profile Sheet and a Spiritual Gift Description Sheet to help us identify and use our spiritual gifts. We have begun the process of discovering our spiritual gifts. We are providing access to a discovery tool - a personalized analysis and profile of 22…
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United Negro College Fund

Presiding Elder Louis-Charles Harvey recently shared information about Bishop Davis' Special Benevolent offering we will lift on Sunday, January 15, 2017 in support of the Capital District's gift forUNCF. Elder Harvey's message: Pastors :  HAPPY NEW YEAR Bishop Davis announced in his  2017 New Year Greeting to us that one of his Special Benevolent offerings this year would be…
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