Closure Policy

Closure Policy

Closure Criteria

The primary criterion for temporarily closing the church is safety. These include:

  1. Are the church parking lots and sidewalks safe for congregants, including elderly or disabled? If no, the church closes.
  2. Is there power in the church? If no, the church closes.
  3. Has VDEM (Virginia Department of Emergency Management) issued a state of emergency, set at level 4 or lower? If at 4 or lower, the church closes.

These are just a few criteria for closing. The decision makers may be asked to make a call based on their best judgment, even if the above is all good.

Decision Making

The decision to close the church will be made by the Pastor, with information provided by the Trustee Protem or Trustee-on-Duty. If the Pastor is unavailable, the decision will be made by the Assistant Pastor, then the Protem of the board, or the Trustee-on-Duty.

If a ministry cancels their activities due to weather conditions, they will both email and phone the Trustee Protem and the Church Office.

If a decision is made to remain open, congregants are encouraged to make their own safety a priority. The church congregants, friends and staff live in a wide range of areas which may be affected differently, particularly when it comes to weather. If congregants feel that there is any danger posed by traveling to the church, they are encouraged to remain at home or other safe location.

Decision Timelines

  1. Weekend Services / Activities
  •  Saturday: Not Later Than 7:00 am
  •  Sunday services: Not Later Than 9:30 pm, Saturday or 6:00 am Sunday
  • 2. Weekday
  •  Office/Building: Not Later Than 7:00 a.m.
  •  Evening Activities: Not Later Than 3:00 p.m.

 Communication Process

In the event of a closure of the church, communication will be made using as many of the following means as feasible:

  1. An all-congregant email.
  1. The website and social media accounts will be updated with closure information.
  1. The phone message will be changed to indicate the closure.
  1. Class Leaders will contact their class members.
  1. An automated message or “Robo-Call” will be placed to each congregant’s home or cellular number, in accordance with their preferences.
  1. If possible, signs will be placed on the doors indicating that the Church is closed.

Please check your communication method of choice frequently as the situation may change. If there is no information given about a closure, please assume the church is open. We will attempt to ensure that any decision is communicated if closure might be ambiguous or uncertain, but the default is open, unless otherwise noted.