How to Maintain Men’s Sexual Activity, When You’re Not Young

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized sexual health as an important component of human well-being. Anyone who is satisfied with his intimate life, more successful in his career, it is easier for him to build social relationships, not to mention personal life. And sex is important at any age, experts say. Literally to the last breath.

If in ancient times sex was considered a physiological function necessary for procreation, then with the invention of contraception everything turned upside down. Sex has become a way of having fun and prolonging health. And the longer this function will be available to a reasonable person, the better - believe scientists and doctors today.

WHO has called sexuality a fundamental part of personal well-being because established intimate life strengthens social and personal life, makes people more active, improves the emotional component and even establishes cellular processes metabolism, that is, inhibits the aging process!

Youth is the age of impeccable health, especially reproductive health. During this period, everything is simple: I wanted to - i could, I could - I wanted to. The average age, 45-59 years, the most difficult in a person's life is the transition from youth to old age, but it is not old age. At this time, the man gradually reduces the production of sex hormones, primarily testosterone - about 1 percent per year. And if a man wants to keep sex from 45 to 59 years, he must find a doctor - a guide to the world of hormone therapy. In old age, 60-74 years, still retains testosterone in men, which is responsible for desire, but often occurs erectile dysfunction due to vascular problems. At 60, a deficiency of growth hormone, an anabolic hormone responsible for muscle mass and strength, joins the testosterone deficiency. As a result, the muscles lose strength and decrease in quantity, which leads to pain. One of the main problems that interfere with sex in old age is pain. Those who remain sexually active until the last days remain healthy.

Meanwhile, as surveys conducted by domestic researchers, 32% of men today believe that the reduction of erection is an inevitable problem of old age, and 43% believe that it is not even treated. Therefore, more than 40% do not go to the doctor on this issue at all. Although urologists say that with the advent of drugs to treat erections, the situation has completely changed. But the question, of course, is not to use them every time. Of course, you need to find the cause - what is the root of the problem. After all, the reduction of erection is only a symptom of other alarming health problems, ranging from atherosclerosis to diabetes. Sixty per cent of men who turn up for impotence are more seriously ill. According to various data, more than 50% of men between the ages of 30 and 60 have potency disorders.

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They are more often than the beautiful sex, become slaves of all kinds of addictions, the main among which - alcoholism and tobacco smoking. Men are much more likely to get a mental disorder or Parkinson's disease during their lifetime than women. Even blood in the vessels of the brain in the stronger sex flows more slowly. Therefore, atherosclerosis in men is much more likely to lead to dementia in old age than in women. Men are sensitive to stresses, which they not only eat, but also drink. And after 40, many males have at least one chronic disease in their luggage. And more often than not - a few.

The greatest health risks at this age are depression, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, alcohol, smoking, hypertension, hypodynamia and obesity. Erection is almost the main barometer of a man's well-being. Most often the cause of impotence is so-called metabolic syndrome, which includes a whole set of pathologies. Namely - obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and fatty hepatosis, or, as doctors say, fatty liver. After 60 years it is time to pay for the turbulent youth and inattention to health.

And to treat ED, of course, it is necessary to comprehensively. If it is based on diabetes, you will need to take sugar-reducing drugs. If the root of the problem in atherosclerosis - it will be necessary to bring cholesterol to normal levels. If the basis of ED high blood pressure - it will need to normalize it. In general, it is necessary to improve men's health from all sides.

Sexual attraction in men weakens not only because of erectile dysfunction (that is impotence). It has already been scientifically proven that the representatives of the strong half of humanity also have menopause and menopause. And they have depression, chronic lack of sleep, because of which the stress hormone is produced. By the way, the liver has the most direct relation to the production of sex hormones. The chain of connections here is not easy, but obvious. So, the male hormone testosterone is produced by the pituitary gland, and it is destroyed in the liver. And low testosterone levels are not only guaranteed problems on the personal front, but also a risk factor for the development of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, etc.