Artist Academy

Uniquely utilizing sacred and secular platforms, we seek to creatively reach and teach the masses.  We embrace artistic expression as worship and warfare, as we strive to make the name of Jesus famous.


Young ladies mentoring ministry. African. Sisters. Proud. Intelligent. Respected. Excelling. Ages 12 to 18.

Benevolence Ministry

Daily we are engaged in meeting the needs of our community by providing food, clothing, shelter and assistance with living expenses for those in need.

Comfort Ministry

Provides support and encouragement to family members in the event of death of a member of the church or a loved one and honor the life and legacy of loved ones.


Elements is the dance component of the Artist Academy. It includes men, women, youth and ministry with banners and flags.

There is no age restriction.

FAME TV Ministry

The FAME TV Ministry mission is to assist in delivering the Word of God to church members, Prince William County residents, and to individuals seeking the Word. The TV Ministry completes this work through recordings of  Sunday’s service and a weekly television broadcast.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters have the responsibility to greet all of our guest, making them feel welcome and a part of our church community.

Health & Wellness Ministry

Create and provide an atmosphere of spirit and faith-based health care and delivery in the church and community.

In His Hands Puppet Ministry

A unique and creative ministry that presents dramatic, creative, and inspirational Biblical truths into the lives of people.  We reach, teach and minister to all age groups using puppets as a ministry tool.

Joyful Noyz

Youth Choir ages 13 to 18.

Junior Ushers

The Junior Usher Board is comprise of Youth and young people who are ages 13-23. The Junior Ushers are the door keepers on their appointed Sunday.

Kuntaw Martial Arts

Formal Martial Arts instruction. Members are at least 5 years of age.

Lay Organization

Teaches appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism.

Men's Choir

This choir is composed of men above the age of 18. The Men’s Choir sings during second Sunday Worship Services.

Missionary Society

Implements mission programs and activities in local communities to fulfill the purpose of this organization. Members are at least 19 years of age.

Multi-Media Ministry

Operates the audio and video control room.


Prayerful. Loyal. Attentive. Yearning. Earnest. Respected. Sincerity. Ages 13 to 18.

Prison Ministry

Ministering to the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and youth.

Psalms of Praise

Adult Choir that ministers on each 1st Sunday

Public Relations

Conducts ministry through social media while upholding the mission and vision of FAME. This ministry is under the direction of the Public Relations Ministry.


Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC); This is the ministry that oversee all Young Adult Ministries in the AME Church.

Senior Ushers

Serves as doorkeepers and provides a friendly atmosphere for members and visitors as they enter the church. Members are at least 24 years of age.

Social Action

Description coming soon.


So Others May Eat. The FAME Food Bank is available through out the year. This ministry is under the direction of the Missionary Society.

Sons of Allen

Provides opportunities for men to unite in church and community, presenting positive Christian role models and the message of the church. Member are at least 19 years of age


The Stewardess Board is responsible for providing the elements for Holy Communion. They also assist the ministerial staff with Holy Communion and Baptismal rites. Stewardesses are appointed by the Pastor.

Stewardship & Finance

The Commission on Stewardship and Finance shall promote and cultivate Christian stewardship and administer the financial program of the church.

Take It to the Streets

Provides food, necessary living items, love, care, concern and ministry to our area homeless communities.

Talented 10th Education Ministry

Sponsor activities to encourage education at all levels in life.

The Let Out

Provides quarterly activities for young adults to express their desires and passion for God in a welcoming community. Our mission is to grow spiritually, worship creatively, and connect intentionally. Activities are held every fifth Sunday, unless otherwise noted.

The Levites

Our Praise and Worship Team

The Sunbeams

Children’s Choir. Members are between the ages of 5 to 12.

Vets For Christ

As trained “soldiers,” we will come together to pray and to seek to become active “soldiers” for Christ.

Women's Bible Study

Each 2nd Saturday at 10am, we strive to equip, lead and transform women’s lives through transformative bible study and inclusive spiritual programming.

Women's Ministry

Women of Worship

This choir is composed women above the age of 18. The Women’s Choir sings during fourth Sunday Worship Services


The mission of the Young People’s and Children’s Division (YPD) is to serve as a resources for the development of healthy Christian leadership skills for youth. The ministry is under the direction of the Missionary Society.

Youth Council

Plans and oversees all youth activities at FAME.