ZOOM Video Conference for

FAME Prayer/Bible Study


Please join First AME for Prayer Meeting and Bible Study on each Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm via ZOOM.

Website is Zoom.us


Meeting ID is 629-734-890
Password is 465775
Dial In is 1-929-205-6099


6:45pm to 7:00pm — Zoom Log-in / Dial-in early to ensure set-up on the computer or phone. The host will be online to assist you. All lines will be muted at 7:00pm.


7:00pm Prayer Meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm led by members of the Steward Board.


7:30pm Bible Study – Journey Into Overcoming: Rising Above Life’s Toughest Problems.  You may purchase a book at www.journeyseries.com for $5.95 or you can follow along with the scriptures given during the class.